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Raytech established in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D, manufacturing and innovative application on  digital and control technology. Experiencing 14 years market and technology developing, continuous technology innovation, and outstanding customer service, RAYTECH made remarkable achievements in marine and industrial fields and become a comprehensive manufacturers and technology suppliers with international service ability and absolute competitive advantage.                                                                                          

In marine application, accomplish our marine clients execution requirement, Raytech provides professional solutions for our clients to upgrades deck & cockpit equipment  on both new and old ships to enhance the reliability of communication and ensure near & far sea execution.

In industry application, provides accurate online production process measurement and control for cable, steel and plastics industry, improves the machining precision and reduces production loss.

Human Oriented, Science Management
Constant Innovation, Advance Quality
Knight Service, Customer Intimacy
Team-work Cooperation, Excellent Communication
Never Stop, Surpass Ourselves
  • Enterprise Tenet

  • Enterprise Desire

  • Development Target

  • Social Responsibility

  • Developing Period

    - Numbers of software works and utility model patent
    - To become the largest international supplier of warship equipment
    - To start the reform process

  • Developing Period

    - Won the “high-tech enterprise”
    - The explosive of shipboard equipment
    - Supported by the innovation project of Guangzhou
    - Member of Guangdong software industry association

  • Incubation Period

    - Identification of municipal “software enterprise”
    - Honor of “20 innovations China plastics industry“ in x-ray thickness measurement equipment?

  • Incubation Period

    - The first generation of industrial measurement and control instruments
    - Co-operate with Bellstar

  • Incubation Period

    - The first generation of marine navigation equipment
    - Honor of “advanced enterprise”at the provincial level

  • Incubation Period

    - Software association member unit in Guangdong
    - Industrial and marine product iteration


    Prompt contact please via:

    :+86- 20- 62880206

             +86- 20- 62880206


    :+86- 189 2212 7340


    :Fl.2nd, C2 Section, Innovation Building,182#, Science Rd., Science City, Luogang District, GZ/510063